America’s first licensed digital insurance agency.
No salesmen. No long forms. No spam.

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America’s first licensed digital insurance agency.
No salesmen. No long forms. No spam.

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Hassle free insurance

Just type your name and address. Data about your home, cars and drivers fill in automatically. Answer a few simple questions, so we can find you the best discounts. Next open a free, secure Nsure account with just your email and phone number.

No salesmen ever call. You simply compare the best quotes at different coverage levels. When you’re ready to buy, simply click the Buy button next to the insurance company you select. Saving on insurance is that simple.

Easy to switch and save

You don’t have to wait for expiration of your current policy to change your insurance company and save money. We’ll help you with the paperwork so you can easily cancel your old policy. Any insurance premiums for the unused coverage period will be refunded to you. You lose nothing and gain immediate savings by switching to the best deal with Nsure.

Never overpay again

With Nsure, you’ll never have to worry about overpaying for home and auto insurance again. When renewal time comes, Nsure automatically provides you with a new set of competitive quotes. You’re never stuck with just one carrier. If another company offers a better deal, you simply switch.

Always free and secure Nsure account

Your free and secure Nsure account makes it simple to take total charge of your insurance. You can easily access all your policies, transaction information and quotes. You can quickly request change or cancellation of any of your insurance policies anytime. When it’s time to renew, you automatically receive a new set of competitive quotes.

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Don’t overinsure or underinsure, Nsure

Many homeowners either overinsure or underinsure. Nsure’s unique technology accesses thousands of data points to determine how much insurance you really need. You can also modify our recommended coverages to suit your unique needs with simple slide bars and drop down menus.

Disruptive technology

Nsure’s unique technology creates a new kind of customer experience. There are no more insurance salesmen. You are in total control.

We autofill data about your your home, cars and drivers. We recommend the amount of coverage. We save you money by finding you the best discounts. Multiple quotes can be compared instantly. New best quotes appear automatically when it is time to renew. You can buy anytime with the click of a button.

There is a human face behind Nsure’s disruptive technology. Licensed insurance agents are always available to help with any questions or problems.

Nsure insurers

We obtain competitive quotes and provide our clients with policies from leading insurance companies: