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5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims Over the Holidays

The holidays are on the way! These times are filled with guests, parties, family dinners, and decorative displays inside and outside of the home. The holiday season is a busy time for insurance carriers, resulting from a wide variety of homeowner’s claims. Some precautions can help to avoid having to file one of the 5 most common home insurance claims over the holidays.


  1. Electrical & Fire Claims

Candles and space heaters are common causes of fires in the home. Candles should never be left unattended and should be allowed to burn for a few hours at a time. Space heaters should never be placed close to flammable surfaces such as drapes and blankets, and should never be plugged into a power strip. Check your smoke detectors to ensure proper function. Be careful not to overload electrical outlets with more lights than they can handle. Make sure outdoor holiday lights and decorations are grounded properly and don’t overload outside outlets either. Use only lights and cords that are marked for outside use.


  1. Injury to Guests 

Entertaining visitors, serving food and beverage, dancing, etc., sometimes result in injury to your guests. By keeping a watchful eye on wipe-up spills, hiding power cords, and de-icing slippery walks and steps, you can greatly reduce the chances of a guest being injured or becoming ill. Remember that foods should be kept at appropriate temperatures. Avoid over-serving alcohol; most homeowner policies will include a liquor liability statute of some form. In many states, the person who over-serves a guest who is involved in an alcohol-related accident right after may sue the homeowner. The homeowner may also face criminal charges.


  1. Winter Storm Damage

Snow, ice, rain, and wind can take a major toll on the home. Damage to the roof from heavy and wet snow can cause roof leaks and even collapse. Pipes can freeze and burst. Outdoor decorations can be blown loose and damage windows and doors. The homeowner’s insurance policy must be written appropriately for that area of the country. Look for specific exclusions so that there are no surprises if a claim needs to be filed. Take necessary precautions around the home such as removing dead tree limbs, keeping pool pumps running, and securing outdoor decorations. 


  1. Plumbing Drama

The holidays guarantee extra visitors, sleepover company, and increased traffic in your home which can easily overload the sewerage system. Clogged toilets and inappropriate items in the garbage disposal can be a source of embarrassment and tremendous inconvenience. Try to keep grease, harder foods, and utensils from winding up in the disposal. There are add-ons available for some policies to cover damage from backed-up sewage lines that can ruin walls, flooring, etc. The costs of repairing sewage damage can be overwhelming to an already tight holiday budget.


  1. Theft

Burglary incidents increase substantially over the holidays. Criminals take advantage of unlocked doors and windows in the home and vehicles. Some are brazened enough to break in while the homeowners are present. To avert a break-in, keep valuables tucked away and out of window and door sightlines. Consider installing a security system, including cameras, and motion-activated lighting. Don’t place high-ticket items in empty boxes in the trash without breaking them down. Leaving them intact is an invitation for burglars to do their thing. Items stolen from within the home or car are covered under homeowner’s policies, but make sure the coverage is adequate for any new items purchased over the holidays.


Enjoy the holidays knowing that you’re covered by the perfect homeowner’s policy for you and your budget. Nsure allows you to compare policies and rates for 50 of the top insurance companies in the country. Don’t wait until the holidays are here. Check now, and make sure with Nsure.


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