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Auto Insurance

5 Signs That it’s Time to Switch Auto Insurance Plans

If switching your auto insurance plan isn’t something you’ve thought about in the last 24 months, now’s a good time to take a look at your current coverage. The last 2 years have been challenging to say the least. In today’s economic climate, saving money is a priority for most people.

  • If you have added (or removed) a driver from your household.

Did your son just get his driver’s license? Did your daughter just move into her first apartment? These are excellent reasons to consider switching your auto insurance. Premiums for young drivers can vary greatly from carrier to carrier, so it’s a great time to comparison shop.

  • Does your policy expire soon?

Now is a terrific time to start comparing policies amongst insurance carriers. Don’t forget to include your current carrier in these comparisons.

  • Have your life circumstances changed?

Did you get married or buy a home? Did you retire or change jobs? Has your credit score improved? All of these life events impact your premium rates. Bundling home and auto insurance can provide significant premium reductions. Having one or more cars on the same policy will qualify for multiple car discounts too. Nsure can help you compare multiple policies at once so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Does it seem like your premiums are skyrocketing out of control? 

Are your premiums frequently increasing without notice or reason? If your current insurance rates are exceeding your budgeted funds, now’s a great time to consider switching auto insurance plans and begin comparison shopping. Today’s economy has everyone scrambling for ways to reduce household expenses, and insurance premiums are often overlooked as a potential money-saver.

  • Is customer service non-existent with your current insurer?

If you seem to hit a brick wall each time you call your insurance company to ask a question, or to file a claim, it’s time to consider moving to a company that will provide you with efficient and courteous service. You are always entitled to the best customer service experience.

Friendly tip – Never cancel or let your existing policy lapse before a new one is in effect. Many insurers sell auto insurance policies based on proof that you have had continuing coverage. It’s your responsibility to see that the transition dates between policies ending and starting are aligned correctly. Make sure you receive a cancellation notice from the previous insurer with a correct end date for the policy to protect you should anything go wrong.

Nsure can help you find the perfect auto insurance plan by comparing quotes in minutes from 50 leading insurers. One-stop shopping at its finest! 

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