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5 Tips for Becoming a Safer Driver

Being a safe driver means getting better insurance rates and qualifying for additional discounts. It means that people don’t have to worry when they see you on the road, and it often means you’re safer and less prone to accidents. However, to become a safer driver, you need to know what being a safe driver means. Here are a few tips for becoming a safe driver. 


Avoid Distractions Behind the Wheel

Behind-the-wheel distractions can be defined as anything that keeps your attention away from the task at hand. Common examples of driving distractions are specialty coffee drinks, cell phones and meals that aren’t as portable as advertised. When you’re on the road, looking away for a few seconds at a time can be a recipe for disaster.


Adhere to the Speed Limit

Driving above the speed limit is taken for granted in some areas. It may seem like driving at or under the speed limit would be less safe than staying with the flow of traffic. However, going too fast can lead to missing obstacles on the road, accidentally running lights and generally not having enough time to react to a sudden change in traffic. Speeding tickets are also the most common tickets, so there’s also a financial incentive to obey speed limits. 


Avoid Driving Under the Influence

You may think you’re good to drive when you’re inebriated. However, it’s more than likely your less inhibited state, not your logical mind, that’s telling you this. With the presence of rideshare programs, there’s no reason to drive under the influence. The consequences if you’re caught can be as severe as jail time. Even if you’re not caught, the consequences can be fatal — and not just for you. 


Get Regular Car Maintenance 

One simple way to be a safer driver is by having a safer car. Keep your car regularly maintained by following the recommended maintenance schedule. If you drive a newer car, you can typically set the maintenance schedule in your infotainment system. In older vehicles, you can check the owner’s manual or find it online for your car’s year, make and model. Regular car maintenance can keep your car running smoothly for longer, ultimately making it safer to drive. 


Wear Safety Equipment

In a car, safety equipment for adults is typically just a seatbelt. However, if you’re driving a motorcycle, you need to wear a helmet and clothes that provide adequate coverage from the elements. If you’re driving with a child who requires a car seat, make sure to place it properly and securely per the manufacturer’s instructions. Safety equipment can go a long way in mitigating the damage caused by a minor accident. 


Being a safe driver is easy, and it can help you avoid a great deal of trouble, from accidents to high insurance premiums and even jail time. If you’re looking for more ways to save money on insurance, shop policies from over 50 top-rated carriers today using Nsure. Be sure with Nsure!

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