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7 Reasons to Consider New Home Insurance in the New Year

Once you’ve purchased a home insurance policy for your new home, you may think that you’ve done your job. Homeowners tend to become complacent, and are happy to have the mortgage company pay for that insurance through the escrow portion of the monthly mortgage payment. You probably never give the policy a second thought. Some homeowners choose to pay their homeowners insurance policy directly with their carrier, and just go through the motions annually or monthly. In either case, if you have to file a claim, or the rate dramatically increases, your thoughts will shift to reviewing the existing policy. Here’s 7 reasons to consider new home insurance in the New Year:


  • Rates – Location of the home has a great impact on the premiums of homeowners’ insurance. Previous claims may result in an increase as well. It’s strongly recommended that homeowners compare premium costs annually to ensure they are getting the most comprehensive coverage at premium that fits their budget.
  • Deductibles – The higher the deductible, the lower the premium is a basic rule of thumb. Homeowners should review deductible price points and weigh them against monthly premiums. As with all insurance, it’s a calculated financial risk. Are you going to be able to pay the higher deductible if a future claim is filed?
  • Your coverage needs change The amount of insurance you need will change throughout the years. If you’ve had any major life change, such as: marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, adding/losing a pet, retirement, vehicle change, contents change, etc. reviewing your policy should be your priority.
  • Renovations – If you’ve added to the square footage of the home, built a pool, or sealed over a pool, etc. there will be an impact on your policy. This may also include adding solar, and having the house rewired.
  • Discounts –  Does the existing policy include discounts for bundling? There are significant discounts to be had through major insurance carriers when home, auto, boat and recreational vehicles are bundled. Don’t forget that some carriers offer discounts for senior citizens.
  • Customer service – Unreturned phone calls, unanswered emails, slow action on claims are all signs of poor customer service. It’s important to have a good rapport with the insurance carrier. More important, however, is the reassurance that claims submitted will be handled in a prompt manner.
  • Reliable carrier –  Homeowners pay their premiums, with the expectation of timely and reliable claim response and reimbursement. If the carrier is gaining a reputation for being slow to pay and unresponsive to customers’ needs, it’s time to start looking for a new carrier and a better policy to suit your needs.


Start the New Year right! Make a list of your insurance needs, check it twice, and then compare from among the top 50 insurance carriers to decide what homeowners’ policy suits your needs. At you can easily browse and consider premiums and deductibles that will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are protected. Make sure with NSure!

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