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Auto Insurance Scenarios to Look Out for During the Holidays

The hustle of the holiday season is here. It’s also the season for heightened criminal activity, crowded stores, busy parking lots, and holiday parties at home and at the office. The last thing on anyone’s mind is automobile insurance. Here are some scenarios that prove otherwise.


Automobile Break-Ins

Thieves are vskilled in observing customers as they come out of a store or mall, and stash new gift purchases in the car, returning inside to do more shopping. It’s important to lock all car doors, and to place packages in the trunk, or out of sight from the curious. The rate of reported automobile break-ins increases dramatically during the holiday season. Don’t be an easy target. Carry a non-descript bag to place your packages in. Be aware of your surroundings and park under or by light. Do not shop alone if you can avoid doing so. 


Automobile Theft

The holiday season often sees a spike in automobile theft reports. People are distracted when walking to their cars, or they leave themselves vulnerable to car-jacking as they place packages in their cars. Car theft from homes also increases during the holidays due to packages and other valuables being left in unlocked cars.


Distracted Drivers

This joyous time of the year unfortunately is also the most stressful time of the year. Finding the perfect gift, attending parties, and hosting family dinners all contribute to the anxiety of the season, the brain gets overloaded manifesting in distracted driving. Congested parking lots, and increased traffic on the road, often combined with winter weather conditions, resulting in more traffic accidents at this time of the year. Distracted drivers are responsible for a large portion of holiday auto accidents. 


Driving While Under the Influence

Without a doubt, the two-week period from the week before Christmas to New Year’s Day reflects the highest amount of car accidents occurring every year. It’s the time of the year for social obligations and celebrations. It’s also the time of year when people think they are invincible, perhaps protected by the magic of the season, and are capable of driving despite having consumed too much alcohol.


Weather Conditions

Winter brings a unique detriment to driving during the holiday season. Icy road conditions, snow, wind, and sleet are major contributing factors to an increase in the number of car accidents occurring during the holiday season. Sometimes being on the road can’t be avoided, however, ensuring tires are in good condition, and remaining distraction-free and sober will decrease the number of accidents that happen.


Having the appropriate automobile insurance coverage is important every day, but during the holidays having a great policy should give you extra peace of mind. With Nsure, you can compare your current policy with policies from 50 reputable companies throughout the country. Be sure with

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