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Common Hidden Home Insurance Policy Exclusions to Look Out For

When you’re handed a big bundle of paperwork, your first thought is probably something along the lines of, “There’s no way I’m reading all that.” Unfortunately, insurance companies count on this instinct, and this can lead to unpleasant surprises. If you don’t review your policy thoroughly, there’s a strong chance you’ll find that it doesn’t offer all the coverage you expected. These are some common exclusions to look out for: 

Natural Disasters

Even if a type of natural disaster is common for your area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be covered by a standard insurance policy. Flooding is one of the most common causes of weather-related damage worldwide, but it often isn’t covered by homeowners insurance. Earth movement events, like earthquakes and landslides, also require additional coverage more often than not. Be sure to review your policy to look out for these kinds of exclusions. 

Maintenance-Related Issues

Some insurance exclusions come with the argument that the damage to someone’s home is their own fault. Termites, damage related to pests or wildlife and wood rot are some examples of issues that aren’t covered by standard home insurance policies. Be sure to keep your home maintained, and take care of these types of problems early on so you’ll be covered when you need to make an unrelated claim. 

High-Value Items

Insurance generally covers high value items to an extent, but some policies have specific exclusions. If you want to make sure your high value items, such as jewelry or fine art, are covered, get the items professionally appraised, and look into optional insurance as needed. 

Lesser-Known Exclusions

Some exclusions are especially sneaky, and homeowners are caught off guard when they see that they’re not covered. Here are some final exclusions to look out for on your home insurance policy: 

  • Mold and fungi: this can be considered a maintenance issue, and because of that, it’s not covered by all insurance policies. Be sure to take care of water damage quickly to avoid having mold develop in your home. 
  • Acts of God: this includes things like flooding and tornadoes and can also include things like a pandemic. These exclusions can be spelled out or worded vaguely to cover any unforeseen natural events.
  • Intentional damage: similar to the maintenance exclusions, intentional damage exclusions imply that the homeowner caused an emergency by not minding their homes. Damage caused by freezing pipes is a common type of exclusion in this category, 

How to Ensure Sufficient Coverage

To ensure that you have the insurance coverage you need, start by reviewing the details of your policy, specifically seeking out the coverage you’re looking for. Once you do this, identify any gaps, and see if you want to cover it by adding on to your coverage. It may be worthwhile to keep shopping around for policies, or you may find that adding on to your current coverage is more cost effective and provides better overall coverage. 

Homeowners insurance is there to keep you covered in the event of an emergency, but it doesn’t necessarily cover everything you may need. If you’re thinking it’s time to look for a homeowners insurance policy with more coverage, shop policies today with Nsure. With our unique algorithm, we’ll find the best policy for you and your lifestyle. Be sure with Nsure! 

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