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Do I Need Auto Insurance if I’m Not Driving the Car?

Are you planning to take an extended vacation? Will the business be taking you out of the country for several months? Will upcoming surgery keep you from driving for the foreseeable future? Have you purchased a car for a project that won’t be road-worthy until the project is done? Whatever the reason, if your car is not going to be driven for an extended period does it still need to be insured? The smart answer is, yes! As with anything insurance-related, there are no absolutes. Many variables will come into play, but all experts suggest that you continue to insure your vehicle. Depending on the insurance carrier, you may be able to increase your deductible to reduce premiums. The type and amount of coverage you should carry depends on several factors:


State Requirements

In almost every state, if you own a car, it must be registered and insured. Even if you live in such a state, there are potential ways to save on premiums during the time the car won’t be driven. Become familiar with your state’s requirements for auto insurance. Some states require documentation to be signed validating that the vehicle will not be used for a specific period. However, certain coverage may still be required.



Your auto loan or lease will dictate the insurance coverage you are required to carry. Even if you’re side-lined from driving for an extended period, you must continue making payments, and you’ll need to uphold the requirements for coverage stated in the lease or loan documentation. The lender that holds the title will have incorporated state requirements into their documentation. If the car is yours, free and clear, the insurance requirements will still be dictated by your state requirements.


Location of Vehicle

Your premium may be decreased based on where the vehicle will be stored during its period of non-use. Left parked on the street, most carriers will require liability coverage. Others may also include that collision coverage be included, based on the made, model, and year of the vehicle and the increased risk of being hit. If the vehicle will be placed in a storage facility, premiums may decrease as simple comprehensive coverage may be all that is required; protecting you from theft or damage to the stored car. It’s important to note that keeping the vehicle in your locked garage is not the same as being in a secured storage facility.


Suspending Coverage

Some carriers and states will permit you to temporarily suspend your insurance coverage. The suspension of coverage isn’t the same as a lapse in coverage so there won’t be a blemish on your insurance records, which can affect your future financial health. Suspension in coverage can help reduce the premium costs and is much preferred over canceling your policy completely.


There’s a lot to be considered when you’ve got a car you won’t be driving for an extended time. Wise consumers like you need to be able to compare insurance policies to make an informed decision. Nsure provides you with the ability to review and compare insurance policies and premiums from 50 of the industry’s top insurance leaders. It’s easy to use and provides all the information you need to make an informed decision. Make sure with Nsure.


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