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Home Insurance

Exploring Optional Home Insurance Coverage

When you buy home insurance, there are typically standard items it covers, like helping you out in the case of a break-in or if you require a roof replacement. However, depending on where you live, optional additional coverage may be a good investment. For example, flood insurance isn’t typically included in homeowners insurance even though floods are a fairly common cause of home damage. Here are a few types of optional home insurance coverage you may want to consider.


Earthquake Coverage

In some areas, you can be pretty confident that you’ll never be hit by an earthquake. However, even areas prone to earthquakes don’t always have earthquake coverage included in standard homeowners insurance policies. This type of coverage typically includes structural repairs to the home, as well as the repair of damaged expensive items. 


Flood Insurance

Among natural disasters, floods are the most common and the most widespread. They can cause significant damage to homes, enough that buying flood insurance can be a solid investment. Flood insurance covers losses from flooding caused by overflowing bodies of water that happens due to rain, melting snow and storm surges. 


Valuable Items Insurance

When you invest a lot of money in valuables, or have valuable heirloom items passed down to you, you want to keep those items protected. This type of coverage helps replace valuable items like jewelry, artwork, antiques or expensive electronics if they’re stolen or damaged.


Sewer Backup Coverage

You never know when sewage backup will occur, but pouring the wrong items down the drain, flushing the wrong items, or having an older sewage system can all potentially cause it to happen. This type of coverage provides protection against financial losses associated with water backup from a sewer system or connected drainage system.


Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is another common issue, but it’s a little more difficult to know when it might happen to you. This type of protection helps you recover expenses associated with identity theft, like travel reimbursement, services to repair identity and credit, legal fees and loss of income. 


For some homeowners, what their homeowners insurance policy covers is enough. Others may want to consider some of these common home insurance add-ons for extra protection against the unexpected. If you’re in the market for home insurance, Nsure can help. allows you to compare policies from the top 50 insurance carriers at the touch of a button. We make finding the best home insurance policy for you a snap! Make sure with Nsure!

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