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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nsure?

    Nsure is a licensed digital insurance agency that empowers people to buy home and auto insurance hassle free on their smartphones, tablets or computers in minutes.

    Nsure saves people time and money. Our unique state of the art digital technology does everything a really good traditional insurance agency does and much more.

    Nsure takes the hassle out of buying insurance. There are no long forms to fill out or annoying phone calls from salesmen.

  • How does Nsure work?

    Nsure represents over 50 top-rated insurance companies. You are able to compare instantaneous competitive quotes from a number of different companies. And buy on your phone, tablet or computer in minutes.

    There are never any intrusive phone calls from insurance salesmen or redirection to other websites. You simply buy online from Nsure whenever you are ready.

    Nsure uses state of the art technology to help you determine how much insurance you really need so you don’t buy too much or too little.

    Nsure enables you to review and manage your insurance policies anytime, anywhere simply by logging into your Nsure account. All your policy and transaction information is in your Nsure account. You can request modification or cancellation of your policies by following the simple prompts.

    Nsure makes it easy to renew. You automatically receive a fresh set of competitive quotes when it’s time to renew.

  • What’s so different about Nsure?

    There are companies that claim to provide competitive home and auto insurance quotes that sell your name and the information you provide to insurance carriers and salesmen. Nsure does not sell your name or personal information. Nsure only provides your information to the carriers it represents for the sole purpose of providing you with online competitive quotes. No salesmen ever call.

    There are insurance carriers that sell their own home and auto policies online. Nsure is an independent insurance agency that provides clients with quotes from over 50 different insurance companies and empowers them to buy easily online.

  • What makes Nsure so safe and secure?

    When you buy your policy from Nsure, you pay the insurance carrier you select directly. Nsure simply facilitates your payment, so the buying process is secure and simple. Only the carrier you select, is provided with the information needed to issue your policy.

    Every time you log on to your Nsure account, a new one time access code is texted to your phone to complete your log in.

  • Who are Nsure’s insurance carriers?

    Nsure works with top-rated insurance carriers that have an A- “Excellent” rating or better from A.M. Best, or an A “Exceptional” rating, from Demotech. A.M. Best and Demotech grade the financial integrity of insurance companies.

    The financial position of many of our carriers is further strengthened by reinsurance companies.

  • Where is Nsure available?

    Nsure is available nationwide.

  • What makes Nsure’s quote process the best?

    Nsure’s quote process puts you in complete control by providing you with more information and options. You receive our lowest competitive quotes at 3 different levels of recommended coverage: Basic, Best Value and Expanded. You get a total of nine quotes with an explanation of the differences between coverage levels.

    You can modify parts of your homeowner coverage and get new quotes. For instance, if you wanted to increase your personal property coverage, you simply slide the bar to the amount you want and get new quotes. Similarly, you can change your auto coverage limits using the Nsure dropdown bars.

  • Can I use Nsure if I have an active insurance policy?

    Yes, our client service representatives will do everything they can to make it easy for you to switch to Nsure. They can help you cancel any existing policies and replace them with new competitively quoted policies from Nsure carriers.

  • How much does it cost me to use Nsure?

    There is no cost. Just like all other insurance agencies, Nsure is paid a commission by the insurance carriers it represents.

  • What does my home insurance cover?

    Your House (The replacement cost of repairing or rebuilding your house and any other structures attached to it. If you are insuring a condominium, your policy covers the cost of replacing the interior structure.)

    Other Structures (The replacement cost of repairing and rebuilding other structures separated from your house.)

    Personal Property (The cost of the contents of your house or condominium.)

    Loss of Use (The cost of alternative housing because your house or condominium is uninhabitable.)

    Personal Liability (Injury to someone at your house or condominium for which you have some responsibility.)

    Medical Payments (Any medical expenses that result from accidents at your house or condominium for which you have some responsibility.)

  • What are hurricane and all other perils deductibles?

    Hurricane deductible (This is the amount of money that you agree to pay out of your own pocket to repair damage from a hurricane, before your insurance coverage kicks in).

    All other perils deductible (This is the amount of money that you agree to pay out of your own pocket to repair damage from all perils such as fire and water covered under the policy other than a hurricane, before your insurance coverage kicks in.)

  • How much coverage do I need?

    Nsure uses proprietary algorithms and state of the art data mining tools to analyze your replacement costs and recommend the best coverage levels, so you don’t buy too much or too little insurance.

    We provide you with the three lowest competitive quotes based on our Best Value recommendations. You also receive three competitive quotes at a Basic Coverage level and three quotes at an Expanded Coverage level. You receive a total of nine competitive quotes.

    You can easily raise or lower the amounts of coverage and deductibles in different parts of your policy. Simply move the slide bars to the left or right to increase or decrease the coverage and deductible amounts of any part of your policy and get new competitive quotes.

  • Can I get policy discounts?

    Nsure insurers provide a number of different policy discounts to our homeowners. For instance, a burglar alarm, fire alarm, living in a gated community and payment options can all result in policy discounts.

  • Do I need flood insurance?

    Flood insurance is mandatory if you live in a high risk flood zone and a good idea even if you don’t.

    Homeowners policies normally do not provide flood insurance. However, after you purchase your homeowner’s policy, Nsure can add flood insurance to your coverage at a very competitive rate.

    An Elevation Certificate may be required to determine your flood insurance rate, if you live in a high risk area. Elevation Certificates are relatively quick and inexpensive to obtain. Nsure will tell you how.

  • How can a wind mitigation report save me money?

    A wind mitigation report documents the amount of protection your house or condominium has against potential wind damage. The amount of protection you have can significantly affect your insurance rates. Wind mitigation credits can substantially lower your premiums.

    You cannot receive wind mitigation credits without a wind mitigation report. If you do not have a report, it is quick, easy and very inexpensive to obtain. Nsure will tell you how to get it.

  • What is a 4 Point Inspection and do I need one?

    A 4 Point Inspection determines the condition and age of the four major systems of older homes (electrical, plumbing, HVAC and roof). Insurers want to know if an older home has been well maintained and everything is in good working order. A 4 Point Inspection is required by the majority of insurance companies on homes usually over 30 or 40 years old.

    Nsure will analyze the data on your house and let you know if you need a 4 Point Inspection.

    A 4 Point Inspection is relatively quick, easy and inexpensive to obtain. Nsure can tell you how to get one.

  • Is there an advantage to insuring multiple properties with Nsure?

    Yes. Managing your insurance is easier and more efficient when all your policies are consolidated in one place on a single user friendly app. Renewals are quick and simple with up to the minute competitive quotes and the ability to instantly switch to whoever offers the best rate. Also, some insurance carriers give an additional discount if you have more than one policy with them.

  • Can I itemize my jewelry and fine art for special coverage?

    Yes. Special itemized coverage for your jewelry and fine art can easily be added to your Nsure homeowners policy. It is a good idea if you own valuable fine art or jewelry.

  • I’ve had changes since I purchased my insurance. How can I update my policy?

    Just log on to your Nsure account and follow the simple prompts. Our client service representatives are standing by to help. Call, text or email if you have any questions or problems.

  • What impacts my home insurance rate?

    In addition to the amount of your coverage and deductibles, a number of other things can affect your insurance rates.

    Where in the state you live, how close you are to the ocean, whether or not you are in a flood zone, your credit rating, the amount of wind protection you have and the age of your property can all effect your insurance rates.

    Different insurance carriers have different criteria. They can weigh different factors differently in calculating their insurance rates.
    Every homeowner’s situation is unique. The insurance carrier that works best for your neighbor may not be the one that is best for you.

    That is why Nsure obtains quotes for its clients from over 50 top-rated insurance carriers.

  • What does my auto insurance cover?

    Bodily Injury Liability (Injuries to others in an accident that you are liable for. All medical expenses, lost wages and funeral expenses are covered.)

    Property Damage Liability (Any damage to someone else’s car or other property in an accident that you are liable for.)

    Personal Injury (Any medical expenses you or your passengers incur as the result of an accident no matter who is at fault.)

    Uninsured Motorist Protection (When the other driver in an accident has no insurance or not enough insurance, your medical expenses are covered.)

    Medical Payments (Any medical expenses you or your passengers incur no matter who is at fault.)

    Comprehensive Coverage (Damage to your vehicle caused by anything other than an accident.)

    Collision (Damage to your vehicle if you are at fault, are hit by an uninsured driver or the victim of a hit and run driver.)

    Rental (Car rental expenses while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident.)

    Roadside Assistance (Towing, lockout, labor to fix flat tires, delivery of loaners or emergency fuel.)

    Loan/Lease Payoff (Optional coverage that pays the difference between what you owe on your car loan or lease and what is covered by your collision insurance, if your car is totaled or stolen.)

  • How much coverage do I need?

    Nsure provides you quotes at three different levels of coverage. First, we recommend the Best Coverage values based on our data analytics and provide you with the three best competitive quotes from our insurance companies.

    We also provide you with three competitive quotes at a Basic Coverage level and three competitive quotes at an Expanded Coverage level. You receive a total of nine quotes with the differences between each coverage level explained.

    You can raise or lower the coverage levels on different parts of your policy. You can also increase or decrease your deductibles (the amount you are willing to pay out of your own pocket before the insurance kicks in). Simple dropdown menus make coverage modifications quick and easy.

    Increasing your deductibles can sometimes significantly reduce your premiums. Although reducing your coverage can also reduce your premiums, it may not provide you with enough protection in the event of a serious accident.

  • Can I get policy discounts?

    Nsure looks for every possible discount for its clients from the companies it represents. Marital status, education, safe driving record, years driving, number of vehicles insured and payment options can all generate savings for Nsure clients.

  • Can I get insurance if I drive for Uber or Lyft?

    Yes. However, the way your vehicle is used and the amount of miles driven can affect your premiums.

  • I’ve had changes since I purchased insurance. How can I update my policy?

    Just log on to your Nsure account and follow the simple prompts. Our client service representatives are standing by to help. So call, text or email if you have any questions or problems.

  • How do I log in to my Nsure account?

    To maintain a high level of security, every time you want to access your Nsure account, a new 4 digit access code is required to log in. This code will be texted to the phone number you provided when you opened your Nsure account.

  • What can I do on my Nsure account?

    You can review and manage all your home and auto insurance policies in your Nsure account.

    You can purchase new policies and request changes to existing policies.

    You can modify payment instructions and request cancellations.

    You can also review all your Nsure insurance transactions.

  • How do I renew?

    We will notify you when it comes time to renew and send you a new set of competitive quotes based on your current or updated information.

  • What if I receive notice of a pending cancellation?

    You can get a pending cancellation notice if your policy payments are overdue. Making sure your payment instructions are up to date and current will usually take care of the problem.

    It can also happen if your carrier requires additional information or an additional inspection.

    Contact an Nsure customer service representative immediately to help quickly solve the problem.

  • Why does Nsure launch referral program?

    Most Americans like to be rewarded for helping out or lending a hand. That’s why, the only fully digital, licensed home and auto insurance agency is launching its “Referral Program.” “users”, (those who sign up with and get free insurance quotes – with no actual purchase required) will be able to refer their friends to so they can save big on home and auto insurance. Those “users” will then earn gift card rewards of $10 each, up to $500 total, just for the referral.

  • How does Nsure referral program work?

    Here’s how the program works:

    – Every user will receive a personalized referral link.
    – Users can send the referral link via text or email, post it on Facebook or Twitter directly to their connections.
    – Each user will receive $10 for each friend who signs up with the user’s referral link. Rewards can be as high as $500!
    – Referral funds will be deposited to the users rewards account. Once deposited, users can exchange funds for Amazon digital cards that can be redeemed immediately on