Top Reasons to Consider Cheaper Home Insurance in Florida

Home insurance can be an expensive purchase that you normally wouldn’t want to be cheap with since it protects a valuable asset. However, there are several reasons why you’d consider going with cheaper home insurance in Florida, and we’re going to outline a few circumstances for you. This way, you’ll be able to tell whether or not you should try to lower your costs without losing the coverage you need.

Your Finances Changed

Depending on your insurance coverage, your premium could be very expensive every year. Maybe you live in an area that is prone to floods or tropical storms, so you need additional riders for coverage, or perhaps you over-bought insurance because this is your first home. Whatever the reason, you could be paying too much, and your finances can change.

If you have a sudden change like you lost your job or your hours got cut, it can be a struggle to afford all of the bills you used to pay. This could be a good reason to look at cutting back on your home insurance coverage to help lower your cost. An agent can point you in the right direction and tell you what coverage you do and don’t need.

Your Personal Life Changed

If you got married or your family expanded, it could be time to check for cheaper home insurance. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing coverage. Instead, you could look for discounts. For example, many insurance companies tend to like married couples over single people.

The insurers believe that a married couple will be mature than single couples, and this can result in savings. It’s a good idea to update your home insurance company to any major life changes you make to look for savings to help you get cheaper home insurance.

You’re Going to Downsize

Maybe you plan to purchase a different home in Florida that is smaller than your current home. If so, you could get cheaper insurance because you don’t have as much house to insure as you had. Another point here is your location. There are some areas in Florida that are more prone to tropical storm damage and flooding, and moving out of these areas can help lower your costs because you won’t have to carry insurance riders for them.

Downsizing is a good time to get in touch with your insurance agent because they can advise you on the coverage you do and don’t need. They can also give you ideas on any discount opportunities that are available for you to help lower your total insurance costs to make it cheaper.

You Installed a New Roof

This one sounds odd, but putting a new roof on your home can make your insurance premium cheaper. New or newer roofs will usually get a cheaper rate than older roofs will because a new roof is much better at protecting your home from leaks or storms than your old one.

Also, newer roofs can come with important safety features built into the design to protect against tropical storms or high winds like roof straps. A lot of older roofs don’t have them. Another reason new roofs are less expensive to insure is that companies believe that homeowners will pay more attention to problems and fix them quickly instead of letting them get worse.

You Like a Different Policy More

There are dozens of home insurance companies around, and more pop up every week. This can make staying on top of which one is the best for your needs difficult. Insurance companies offer a huge range of coverage options, policies, and discounts that can make them more attractive to any homeowner who has a current policy in place.

Since you should make a point to shop around at least once a year, it’s very possible that you’ll be able to get a cheaper insurance policy while still getting all of the coverage you want and need. Make sure you look at different coverage tiers, riders, and premium amounts. This will help you narrow down your insurance policy to suit your needs while still saving you money.

You Found New Insurance Options

Maybe you’ve been with the same insurance company for years and you haven’t shopped around to see what else is available. If so, it’s time to take a look and see which companies offer coverage in your area in Florida. You don’t even have to get a company that has a base right by your home.

It’s the digital age, and it’s easier than ever to shop and compare multiple insurance quotes at the same time. You can even get up-close to see their various coverage levels and pricing. All of these small things make it extremely easy for you to go with a cheaper insurance company and still keep track of your coverage.

You Realized You Home is Closer to Emergency Services

If you live miles away from emergency services like the fire department or police, you’re going to want adequate coverage. However, living closer to them can mean you can safely go with a cheaper insurance company. If it doesn’t take emergency services long to get to your home, they can mitigate any damage. In turn, you could safely choose a cheaper insurance option without the fear of it not being enough should you need it.

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