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How to Make an Insurance Claim for a Single-Car Crash

Single-car crashes are complicated. They’re tricky to get covered by insurance, scary when they happen, and in most cases, a little embarrassing. No one wants to admit to wrapping their car around a pole or driving into a ditch, even if it was due to the car malfunctioning. Unlike an accident with multiple vehicles and witnesses, the burden of proof for a single-car crash lies solely on the driver. Here’s what you do if you need to make an insurance claim for a single-car crash: 

Get to Safety

Depending on where you crashed your car, your first step may be to move away from your vehicle to a spot where you’re safe. If you need to, call for assistance moving your vehicle off the road to avoid further damage. 

Call Your Insurance Provider

Once you’re certain that you’re in a safe spot, call your insurance company. Provide as much information about the accident as possible, including if anyone else was in the car or impacted by the accident. In some cases, they will help you cover the damage.

Gather Evidence

If you plan to make an insurance claim or will need to make a case for yourself, the next step is gathering evidence. Take photos of the damage to your vehicle and whatever you hit with your car. Collect any documentation of costs associated with the accident. 

Go to the Doctor

Even if you’re not in pain immediately following the accident, the only way you stand a chance of making a medical claim is by going to the doctor. Get checked out as soon as you can, and follow any prescribed treatment plan. 

Submit Your Claim

Fill out any forms your insurance company sends you, making copies for your own records as needed. Send your insurance company any photos, documentation or other evidence that supports your claim. Keep in mind, you may need to follow up with your insurance company or answer questions after the fact.

Reasons You May Not Be Covered

Unfortunately, a single-car accident can be more difficult to get coverage for than an accident involving multiple vehicles. These are a few reasons why a driver may not be successful in making a claim:

  • The driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident
  • There is not enough evidence without other witnesses to what occurred
  • The driver is found to be at-fault in the accident
  • The circumstances suggest that the accident was intentional

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