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How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

“I’ll huff. I’ll puff. And I’ll blow your house down!” Wolves might not be able to do this outside of storybooks, but hurricanes certainly can. 

Speaking of hurricanes, that season’s almost here. Hopefully, you don’t get hit by one. However, you’re certainly wise to prepare so you don’t find yourself dealing with any more negative consequences than you have to. Here’s a quick checklist you can use to prepare yourself: 

Have Impact Windows or Hurricane Shutters

Your whole home may not blow down in a hurricane, but your windows have a high chance of shattering. They’re much less likely to break if you have ones made of impact-resistant glass. It includes a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Rather than shattering into shards and flying all over the place, those plastics cause the windows to break in a spider web-like pattern. Even if something massive smashes into them, the glass remains attached to the window frame (for the most part). Hurricane shutters can also be used to cover your windows and prevent impacts from causing damage in the first place. 

Buy a Generator

A generator sounds expensive at first. Is the cost really justified? Actually, it is. Imagine your fridge stops running and all your food spoils. Mildew begins to grow because your AC no longer runs. Maybe you have to move to a motel while your home gets repaired. When you add up all those costs, should your home be out of power for several days, a whole-home generator suddenly makes sense. 

Homeowner’s Insurance

There is no such thing as “hurricane insurance.” However, insurance can cover wind damage and flooding. It’s important to understand exactly what your insurance covers. Not all insurances are the same. And your insurance may not cover all the most expensive damage a hurricane could cause. Make sure you understand how your homeowner’s insurance covers the damage caused by a hurricane, and make changes if needed. 

Unplug Everything

Don’t rely on your surge protector, even if it’s smart. You can guarantee that all your major appliances and electronics will not have any damage from power surges if you unplug them. Surge protectors may or may not actually give you the protection you think. Many are cheaply made and serve better as decorations, providing practically no protection from power surges at all. 

Have an Evacuation Plan

It’s always best to be proactive in this regard. Get your plan together now so that you’re ready if a hurricane strikes. 

Know what level of storm will be enough for you to leave your home. Know what you’re willing to just sit through in the safety of your home. Be sure that everyone in your home knows the evacuation route. Call ahead to the nearest shelter well before the hurricane so you know they can take your family and pets. Fill up your gas tank days before the hurricane arrives (before everyone else rushes to do so). And make sure you have a few hundred dollars in cash available because credit or debit readers may not be in service (you never know). 

Finally, understand that leaving your home before a hurricane arrives is never a bad idea because it guarantees your safety. A house is replaceable. You are not.

That’s your checklist. Make sure you follow through and are ready so you make it through with minimal stress in the event of a hurricane. Want to make sure you’re covered? Check out homeowner’s insurance plans with Nsure. 

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