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Auto Insurance

How to Switch Auto Insurance Providers

Finding a new auto insurance provider with a policy that matches your needs is a big priority. However, switching over to a new insurer can seem overwhelming. If your current provider has changed their policies or raised their prices, shop around for an option that fits you. Here are some steps to take while switching auto insurance providers. 

Explore Multiple Options

When looking for a new auto insurance provider, it’s important to compare multiple options. Different companies offer different packages, and some might benefit you more than others. As you learn more about these options, research companies’ reputations with customer service, coverage, discounts, and financial stability. Ask the insurer you’re looking at for quotes so you can compare prices and make a decision without any future surprises. 

An easy way to compare quotes is through Nsure. Our platform compares insurance data and helps you find a policy based on our best-in-class technology. Take the stress out of searching with our website. 

Reach Out to Your Current Provider

Once you’ve found the right plan for you and you confirm that new plan is in place, reach out to your current provider and notify them you’re switching insurers. It is typically your responsibility to cancel previous plans. If you have any open claims, your old company will still be managing and resolving those claims. After you cancel, you may receive a refund for any unused portion of your policy and any cancellation fee your insurer might charge. 

Ensure Continuous Coverage

It is very important to make sure there is no gap in your coverage. Once you’ve picked your new plan, make sure it is in effect before you cancel your old one. Coverage gaps can result in you paying a higher premium with your new company. If you get in a car accident without insurance, you will be paying a lot more than what you would under an insurer. Also, in most states it is illegal to drive without car insurance, even for a day. You can avoid all of these issues by picking an effective date to switch over and making sure you are always under an auto insurance plan. 

Notify Your Lender

If you are renting or leasing any vehicles, you will need to notify your lender that you have switched insurance companies. This also extends to car loans. Oftentimes, your new insurance company will notify them for you, but it’s important to be proactive and inform your lender about the details of your new coverage. 

Finding an auto insurance company you want to switch to can be tricky, especially when it comes to comparing prices. Nsure makes it easy. We can help you find car insurance coverage options from over 50 top-rated carriers in no time at all. Our website’s technology compares multiple different insurers and their policies to help you find the best plan for you.  Be sure with Nsure.

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See how much you can save with Nsure!
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