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How You Know You’ve Found a Great Insurance Carrier

home auto insurance quotes online
home auto insurance quotes online

Getting homeowners’ insurance and car insurance is a necessary step in owning a home or vehicle. It’s common to bundle the two types of insurance, but how do you know that you’ve found the right plan? What if you choose not to bundle? How do you know who the best insurance carrier is? Here are some things to look out for that can help answer those questions: 


Make sure that when you are looking for homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance, you read legitimate reviews about the insurance company that you’re choosing. If the company has problems with claims, it will almost always be mentioned in the reviews. Ensure that the reviews are authentic and not paid advertising that the company is promoting. One way to check is to see how many reviews each account has made and whether most of the reviewers’ names sound like real names. 

Financial Holdings

One step to take when purchasing insurance for your home or car is to make sure that the company that you choose has good financial holdings. The insurance carrier needs to have good financial strength in the event that something does happen to your home or your vehicle. How much would they cover, and would they be able to cover the amount you’d need if your home or car were damaged in some way? You should be able to confidently answer this question before making your final decision.

Price Comparison Tool

Another step you can take when you’re looking for the best insurance carrier for your home, property within your home, and auto insurance is to look for a price comparison tool online. These are available on many different insurance carriers’ websites or from third-party platforms like Nsure, and the legitimate ones are free to use. It’s critical that you use an impartial third-party platform or company. You won’t have to worry about one insurance company skewing the results in their favor when they populate quotes. Instead, you’ll get the best prices possible for your needs and location, no matter which company you choose. At Nsure, we do all of that for you, by comparing quotes from over 50 carriers!


As with most things, one aspect that comes into play regarding homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance is the cost of both types of insurance. There are some companies that offer them bundled, but you may also find that you can’t bundle and need to buy them separately. You can usually save money when you bundle homeowners’ and car insurance, so always make sure to research whether there would be a benefit to bundling the two types of insurance if you’re able to do so. 

Flexible Deductible

Keep an eye on your deductible. A deductible is the amount of money that you’ll have to pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in. If you have less money to work with out of pocket, you’ll want to find a plan with a lower deductible. Keeping an eye on your deductible may also help you find a good insurance policy. Generally, a higher deductible will cover more financially than a lower deductible, but this is not always the case. 

Coverage Options for Auto Insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, another thing to learn about before deciding on what plan(s) you’ll be buying is coverage options. These are a few types of coverage to consider when choosing a car insurance policy:

Liability Coverage

Liability is what covers the other person’s damages if an accident was decided to have been your fault. In a hypothetical, let’s say that you had something in the backseat that you were reaching for, swerved while doing so, and hit either someone else’s car or property. The liability in your insurance policy will determine how much they pay on your behalf due to you having damaged someone else’s property. 

This may look a bit confusing when it’s written down on paper. It can be displayed as 250/500/250. This translates to $250,000 per person for bodily injury, $500,000 of coverage for bodily injury, and $250,000 of coverage for property damages. This is the amount that will cover the expenses of the other people that are in the accident-this is your liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

With auto insurance, it’s also important to make sure you have what’s known as comprehensive coverage in your plan. This is what will kick in if you need to repair or replace your car if it gets stolen, damaged by a storm or fire, or harmed in another way that’s unrelated to a car accident. 

Collision Coverage

Collision is another important part of auto insurance. This is what will repair or replace your car if there’s an accident with another vehicle, an object, or even yourself, regardless of who’s at fault. Someone else’s liability will only cover you if another person or their vehicle is at fault, and that’s only if they have enough of the liability insurance to cover you. 

Coverage Options for Homeowners’ Insurance

With homeowners’ insurance, coverage options are broken down into different parts, as is done with auto insurance. You’ll have personal property coverage, which is what covers the repairs or replacements for things such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and more. Liability coverage with homeowners’ insurance is what will cover things such as medical bills if you’re responsible for someone’s injuries while they’re at your home. 

This is a decent rundown of different homeowners’ and auto insurances that are necessary to have. It’s illegal to drive without insurance. If you’re paying a mortgage on your home, homeowners’ insurance is also necessary and will usually be required the whole time you are making payments on your home or property. 

Use Nsure to Shop for the Best Insurance Carrier

When shopping for homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance, there are many things that factor in. It’s always possible to find the best insurance carrier for you and any insurance that you may need. Make sure with both homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance that you always keep an eye open for better and cheaper alternatives. 

We suggest that you shop around on a frequent basis and make sure you’re always paying attention to advertisements and what all is covered under the policies you’re considering. If you’re ready to change up your insurance or see what is available, use Nsure to quickly and easily compare options from dozens of the best insurance carriers on the market.

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