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How to Compare Homeowners Insurance in Florida to Save Money and Get The Right Coverage


As the nation and Floridians see a shred of light at the end of this pandemic tunnel and as the hurricane season quickly approaches, the need to get the most out of every dollar spent remains as critical as ever. And, when it comes to comparing homeowners insurance that’s not an easy task. Simply put, things are confusing.

The insurance industry continues to rapidly move online and that’s good news for consumers because it will result in a streamlined buying experience and saving money. Florida-based,, America’s first digital insurance agency®, is helping lead the way. Using artificial intelligence, mines multiple data sources and auto-fills complicated insurance applications that are sent to over 40 top-rated insurers. That allows consumers to compare the best coverage and quotes side by side, apples to apples as they say. Thanks to’s real-time connection with insurance companies, consumers can instantly and transparently compare real, not estimated, quotes from multiple insurers.

“If you’ve ever shopped for homeowners insurance, you know it can be complicated. Dealing with offline agents and online lead generators can limit your choices and bombard you with offers that aren’t real. Besides not getting real quotes, you only get offered a group of limited insurers that are being pushed or sold and they may not be the best available for your needs,” said Wojtek Gudaszewski, CEO of “As an online digital agency, we can help consumers see, from the comfort of their home or office, exact comparisons among multiple insurers, calculate their average savings for your policy needs and help them feel confident they are getting the correct level of insurance for their home. And, in doing so, customers can feel confident they are receiving actionable quotes from the nation’s highest rated insurers as graded by independent organizations such as A.M. Best, and DemoTech,”

In considering an insurer, also recommends considering the following criteria:

  • Financial strength ratings from independent rating agencies like AM Best, DemoTech.
  • Level/Amount of Coverage Needed (most American’s are under-insured)
  • Online Reviews of Insurer, especially as it relates to handling claims
  • Know that you don’t have to wait for your policy to renew, you can review anytime online and it’s simple to make a change
  • Needless to say, price is critical so make sure you are getting real numbers that you can act on immediately

“Consumers also need to know they no longer have to wait for their insurance renewal to shop around so they can save now. So being able to shop when you want and getting quotes that work for the individual will help save money and add a secure feeling that your home is adequately covered,” said Gudaszewski. is a licensed online insurance agency that utilizes state of the art digital technology and represents over 40 top-rated insurance companies.’s mission is to empower insurance consumers by helping them choose the best carriers and policies for less, period. currently operates within the state of Florida with plans to expand nationwide thanks to recent strategic investment with the well-respected Reliance Global Group– RELI. Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Simplified application process – uses artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to mine multiple data sources and auto-fill complicated insurance applications, e.g. home characteristics: construction type, roof shape, roof covering, foundation type, flood zone, etc.
  • Real-time connection with over 40 top-rated insurers allows consumers to transparently compare real, not estimated, quotes from multiple insurers side-by-side.
  • Instant accurate coverage recommendations for home and auto insurance, providing consumers confidence they are not under or over-insured.
  • In-house insurance buying/policy binding capabilities means no redirection to other websites and ability to finalize purchases on in as little as five minutes.
  • Free and secure account enables 24/7 access to quotes, policies and other documents.
  • When it’s time for a policy renewal, automatically informs customers about the best offers in the market before their policy expires.
  • offers a number of Supplemental Insurance options such as Hurricane Deductible Insurance that can help save money in case of an event and provide additional savings should homeowners qualify has a team of licensed insurance agents available to answer any questions, and guide clients through the claims process. These agents are not salespeople, but rather licensed specialists trained to help customers with any insurance question.


Based in Florida, is the first all-digital licensed insurance agency that provides auto and home insurance via its secure website. Employing the most advanced data technology to track up-to-the-minute, real, not estimated, quotes from more than two dozen insurance carriers, enables customers to take complete control of the insurance buying process on their smartphones, tablets and computers. The company’s platform delivers a hassle-free experience, from a streamlined application process and instant quotes to no sales pitches and a simple renewal process that automatically updates quotes just prior to expiration so that customers can take advantage of the best rates and coverage possible.

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