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Pros and Cons of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Insurance can be a major investment, so it’s important to consider all your options. Some insurance customers find that bundling different policies within one plan makes things easier. Others don’t find it beneficial and prefer to keep their policies separate. If you’re not sure where you fall, read on to learn about the pros and cons of home and auto insurance bundles. 

The Pros

Save Money

The primary reason for bundling home and auto insurance is to save money. With many major insurance companies, customers can save 20% or more. The discount is generally more variable depending on your needs. Whether you save this much depends on a few factors, so you will want to shop separate and bundled rates to make sure you get the best deal. 

Consolidate Bills

When you bundle multiple types of insurance, it means having one less bill. It also means one less company to navigate, as well as one less account to log into, in most cases. This benefit alone may outweigh the possibility of increasing rates over time. 

Single Deductible

Bundling home and auto insurance can be beneficial in the case of a disaster. You may find that your home and car sustain damage in a storm. With a bundled policy, one deductible will cover both. If you have separate policies, you have to navigate paying deductibles for two separate companies. 

More Stability

Some people make a lot of claims. Having insurance is much more beneficial if this is the case. However, it can often mean getting dropped by your insurance company. Having multiple policies with one insurer may make it less likely that you’ll get dropped when these things happen. 


The Cons

Less Likely to Keep Shopping

When you save money on a bundled policy, you may feel content that you’re always paying the best price for home and auto insurance. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Your rates on both home and auto insurance can still gradually increase over time, just like they would if you had separate policies. 

Not Always One Insurer

Insurance companies sometimes work with affiliates to get to the cheaper bundled pricing. If your sole focus is getting the best rate, and you get the coverage you need that way, then this could be fine. However, if you’re looking to consolidate your bills, you should look closely at insurance bundles to make sure it’s all with one company. 

Might Still Pay More

For the most part, bundling home and auto insurance is more advantageous if your homeowners insurance is much more expensive than your car insurance. If they’re closer in price to one another, you may be better off shopping separately. You may find that you save more money by going with a less expensive auto insurance carrier that still has the coverage you need. There’s very little reason to bundle policies if you won’t save money doing it. 

Bundling your home and auto insurance policies can make life easier and save you money, but it doesn’t always. Want to know if bundling is right for you? Find coverage options from over 50 top-rated home and auto insurance carriers in less than 5 minutes today by using Nsure.

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