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The 7 Top Factors that Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

Driver in car
Driver in car

It’s amazing how much more complex living is today than it was just a couple decades ago, isn’t it? Auto insurance is another one of those things that changes over time as we learn more as a society. Speaking of which, what affects your car insurance rates, anyway? Take a look at this brief guide to learn the top five things so you keep your rates as low as possible: 


  • High-Risk Violations


Just how safe, or dangerous, of a driver are you? Obviously, that factors into your rates. But exactly how does your driving actually affect what you pay? Depending on the number of violations and accidents you have to your name, you can increase your costs by 20 – 200%! So, if you were a perfectly safe driver with no high-risk violations, you might pay $1500 annually. A 200% increase balloons your payment to an astonishing $3000! If there’s anything you can do to keep your driver’s insurance in check, it would be to drive safely. 


  • Credit History 

Like it or not, insurers factor in your credit history when calculating your rates. Drivers with poor credit pay an average of 71% more than ones with good credit. So if you take that same $1500 payment we talked about before, you could easily find yourself paying a total of $2565. That’s $1065 more just because of your credit score! 


  • Insurance Coverage Gaps


Insurers look at not having insurance at any time as a major negative. They assume you drove while uninsured. To put this in perspective, drivers with five years of continuous coverage pay about $182 less per year than drivers who have never been covered. 


  • Zip Code


Where you live makes a difference with your rates. Generally, living in a city means higher rates than residing in the country. How much? It depends where you live. In California, for example, your rates can fluctuate by up to 91%. 


  • Car Make & Model


Of course, the type of vehicle you own affects your rates. Generally, the safer and less costly your vehicle, the less you pay. A pickup truck, for example, costs slightly less than the average sedan. 


  • Marital Status


You have a lot less control over this one. However, married people are statistically the safest drivers. If you get married, make sure to tell your insurer so you get lower rates. 


  • Gender


Male teenagers are the riskiest drivers. So, they cost the most to insure. Gender gaps in insurance costs tend to even out around the age of 30 though. And at 45, men pay slightly less than women. 


While this is not a comprehensive list, you now know the major factors that affect your auto insurance costs. Which can you focus on to drive down your rates starting today? If you’re in the market for a new auto insurance policy, contact Nsure. We’ll help you find a new insurance policy by pulling quotes from the top-rated companies in the nation.

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