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The Importance of Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

Teenagers aged 16-19 get into three times as many fatal crashes than those aged 20 and older per mile driven. With a rate of accidents this high, it should be clear why teenagers need the protection car insurance can provide. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to make sure the teenage driver in your life is covered. 

Risks Faced by Teenage Drivers

Driving as a teenager can be more risky for any number of reasons. However, the high accident rate is often attributed to factors like inexperience, distracted driving, and a higher likelihood of risk-taking behavior. For these reasons, teenagers need to be covered in case they end up being involved in an accident. 

Legal Requirements and Penalties

The legal requirement of car insurance for teenage drivers varies by state. However, almost every state requires teenagers to have some level of insurance. Before adding your teen to your insurance or finding a separate policy for them, look into your state’s laws. 

Driving uninsured can lead to fines, license suspension and legal trouble, all of which would make life much more difficult for your teen. Keeping your teen insured also protects others on the road in the event your teen is involved in an accident. 

Financial Protection

The aftermath of a car accident can be expensive. Getting auto insurance for your teen will offer them the same financial protection you would get from insurance. If you’re adding your teen to your own policy, consider increasing the liability limits to account for the fact that they’re more likely to be involved in an accident. Auto insurance can help them cover medical expenses, car repairs, property damage and even legal costs. 

Ways to Reduce Insurance Costs for Teenagers

Buying a separate policy for a teenager can be expensive, but adding a teenager to your policy can allow your teen to benefit from the savings you receive as an experienced driver. Depending on the insurer, teens can also receive discounts for things like earning good grades in school or enrolling in safe driving courses. Just like adults, teens can also benefit from keeping a clean driving record and avoiding traffic violations. 


Teens get the same benefits from auto insurance that adults do, and this can be critical when they’re involved in car accidents. Adding a teen to your policy may be the cheaper option, but it’s always a good idea to shop around to compare rates. Find car insurance coverage options from over 50 top-rated carriers in less than 5 minutes today, and be sure with Nsure

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