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America’s First Licensed Digital Home and Auto Insurance Agency Launches in Florida


It is estimated that Americans overspend for their home and auto insurance by $30 billion annually. Beyond that, the current insurance purchase process is time consuming, not transparent, and often results in fake insurance quotes and constant spam and sales pitches.

Today, Boca Raton-based,, is finally changing the way Floridians can buy home and auto insurance for good. The fully-licensed company has introduced technology that promises time- and cost-savings (up to 45%) to consumers by providing them instant – real, not estimated – quote comparisons for home and auto insurance through a user-friendly digital platform that can complete an entire purchase within minutes.

“Our tech-centric agency is all about saving customers time and money. Real quotes come up in seconds, policies can be bought in minutes and our technology takes care of most of the onerous paperwork associated with purchasing a policy,” said Wojtek Gudaszewski, co-founder and CEO of Nsure. “Customers are not deluged with calls or hounded by salesmen. We let the customers decide, and we’re always there to help if they need any assistance in acquiring insurance on their terms.” uses proprietary technology that generates free, real-time quotes from up to 25 different carriers in a matter of seconds. That technology auto-fills most data in any application – from VIN numbers to home construction information – thereby dramatically expediting the process and delivering a hassle-free customer experience.’s technology also simplifies the entire insurance buying experience while creating the transparency customers want and the insurance industry has needed. Customers can now compare similar policies from multiple insurers side-by-side and purchase the most attractive one in as little as five minutes. When it’s time for a policy renewal, automatically informs customers about the best offers in the market before their policy expires.

Among the other benefits of purchasing through is the ability to compare insurance prices in three coverage options. And, with a simple slide bar/drop-down menu, customers can immediately increase or decrease coverage and deductibles to receive custom quotes to fit their needs. Furthermore, the company uses data mining technology to automatically recommend the right coverage levels.

All policy, transaction information and quotations are stored on a buyer’s own secure account. The buyer can request policy changes or cancellations anytime. The company does have licensed insurance agents available to answer any questions, and guide clients through the claims process. These agents are not salesmen; they are highly trained, licensed specialists trained to help customers with any insurance question.

The service is available only to Floridians right now. The all-digital company has plans to expand its offerings – and geographic reach – in the coming months.

Based in Florida, is the first all-digital licensed insurance agency that provides auto and home insurance via its secure website. Employing the most advanced data technology to track up-to-the-minute, real, not estimated, quotes from more than two dozen insurance carriers, enables customers to take complete control of the insurance buying process on their smartphones, tablets and computers. The company’s platform delivers a hassle-free experience, from a streamlined application process and instant quotes to no sales pitches and a simple renewal process that automatically updates quotes just prior to expiration so that customers can take advantage of the best rates and coverage possible. Please visit and follow at and Twitter @nsureapp.

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